Landscape & Irrigation

Receive high-quality landscaping, irrigation, repairing services from Xpress Irrigation & landscape. Our staff of Xpress Irrigation & landscape, is ready to help you take control of your yard.

 Irrigation Repair
We fix or replace all broken pipes, any broken or clogged heads. We will run through your irrigation system to flush all heads and pipes to ensure your sprinkler system's total coverage. We can adjust or replace any faulty sprinkler clocks. We will perform the necessary irrigation services to keep your pipes safe and to give your lawn or garden the water coverage necessary.

Total Landscaping Services
A lot of landscape contractors only do general lawn maintenance, but not Xpress Irrigation & landscape. We give you high quality, experience, and something unique that you can call your own by using our large variety of plants, such as slow growers and quality control plants that don't require a lot of maintenance. This makes it easier for you to keep your yard looking great.

Xeroscape Services
Zerospace services are a popular choice among most home owners. This service minimizes your water output and maintenance by putting in a gravel yard and using drought tolerant plants..